Hrad Ľupča

Castle Slovenská Ľupča

Na návrší posledného výbežku Nízkych Tatier sa rozprestiera národná kultúrna pamiatka hrad Ľupča, ktorý stráži obec Slovenskú Ľupču a jej okolie už od 13. storočia.

A natural cultural sight, the Castle Slovenská Ľupča, looms on the hillock of the last Low Tatras projection over the district Slovenská Ľupča since the 13th century. Since 2002 an extensive reconstruction has been underway. After the initial reconstruction of the so-called upper castle, a complete renovation of the youngest part of the castle, the Gizel's house, was carried out. It is used for representational purposes and social events. The dominant feature is the hall named after the daughter of Empress Sissi and Emperor Francis Joseph I, Gizele, like the whole part of the building.

In the castle there is a permanent exposition of archaeological findings from the Ľupča Castle and a permanent exposition of works by Professor Kulicha in the Rubigall’s Tower and in the lower courtyard of the castle.

There is also a 62-meter-deep well within castle area, from the bottom of which there is a tunnel leading to a place near the castle. 

Opening hours


It is possible to visit the castle every day except for Monday from 10am to 3:30pm. The castle opens for entries in half-hour intervals.


A visit to the castle is available only during working days upon agreement at least one day ahead of the visit.