Raj zvierat Jasenie

Farmyard in Pohorelá

Museum of wooden miniatures

Author of the unique miniatures and owner of the museum is Jozef Gavura, which lives in the village Pohorelá. He was inspired by the Slovak village life and farming. He created exposition from his wooden miniatures and collection of items representing daily village life in the small wooden house on his farmyard.

Jozef Gavura has started to create detailed miniatures 14 years ago. He was looking for inspiration also on many exhibitions, which then transform to unique work. He started to make miniatures of simple wooden houses until he creates the whole mini village with farm buildings, animals, church, and others. Every miniature is very authentic to its version in original size. Creation of one miniature takes about 120 hours of work. Behind each miniature is a great amount of precise, patient, and detailed work of Mr. Gavura.

Mr. Gavura also has a great collections of hand-made sheep bells, original wooden items used by shepherds or regional folk costumes made by handy tailors from the Horehronie region.

Adress:  Za potokom 718/2, Pohorelá 976 69

Contact: Reservation of visit must be made by phone in advance: 0902 085 078

Entrance: voluntary

Length of the tour: about 1 hour