Depo Café

Depo Café Telgárt and Chamaročský Viadukt

The Chmarošský viaduct is the most photographed and the most popular railway technical monument in the eastern part of the Horehronie region. It is located at the end of the village Telgárt and it is very popular spot for everyone passing through this part of the region. Since the summer 2020, the new attraction near the viaduct was set – Depo Café Telgárt. It is the retro styled café in the vintage railway carriage. The carriage is a historical piece, which was reconstructed for the needs of the café and set up on the real rails to keep its authenticity. Inside the carriage are interesting historical objects, photos, or the miniature of the train riding around the room. Stunning details and beautiful surroundings create a unique place to visit.

The project is covered by Šramkovci family, who has decided to offer visitors delicious local café with a view on the unique viaduct. The project realization has taken several months, and the café started to run during the COVID-19 crisis. High quality coffee served in the café is roasted in the near town Banská Bystrica under the brand “Mlsnacava”. Either you can enjoy it at the café, or you can take it home in design package as a souvenir.

We recommend also to visit “higher” brother of Chmarošský viaduct - Telgártsky viaduct, which is also located in Telgárt on the same railroad after passing train station Telgárt Penzión. At the train station also begins the Tunel of Kornel Stodola, which is the beginning of the whole unique rail complex of tunnels and viaducts.