Kelemenov tunel

Kelemen´s tunnel

Fans of hiking and cycling can find many great trails to go in surroundings of the Low Tatras. One such trail is located in the village Predajná, from which you can get to Predajnanianske watterfalls and technical monument Kelemen’s tunel. An alternative route leads also from the village Lopej. There is also cycleroute leading to the both attractions called “Popod Hrb až na Štomp”.

The waterfall with two streams (5 and 2,5 metres high) are rising from the creek Čelno. It is also considered to be a natural monument. Above the waterfall is inside the downhill the tunel long about 4,5 metres, which was in the past used for the transport of the wood by horses.

Kelemen´s tunnel was built in 1928 and later in 1971 was extended to the length 41 metres. If you will follow the green tourist sign, which go through the tunel, you can get to the hill Ľubietovský vepor.


Predajnianske waterfalls: - 48.779077, 19.485214

Kelemen´s tunnel: - 48.777343, 19.485315